Monday, August 22, 2011

Interview with Winner Grace Huang Best Actress 'Bloodtraffick' Jennifer Thym Director & Gerrit Wunder, Film Composer

Interview by Jasmina Nevada

-Can you outline the plot of the short?

It's a universe where angels are fighting vampires and we have human vigilantes which is the character of Eva played by Grace Huang. Evas is looking for her 2 missing sisters and she walks into the den of a vampire

-How did this idea come about?

I was actually working on a comic about street traffic and then at around the same time I met Grace Wong at an acting workshop. We talked about different roles and things that we could work on together and I realized that she would be a really good actress for this character that I had been thinking about. Combined that with a couple of vampires and other things and boom you have a super natural action flick.

-Just goes to show for us actors in the business- Its good to know that even if you go to an acting workshop you never know what will come out of it, if you are personable and you know how to interact with people, look where you can reach today.....


At Gerrit Wunder (Film Composer) - I would like to know more about the score music how did it come about? How did you decide on the theme?

What I always do is take a character motif, the main idea of the movie or story and try and find a theme for it In this case it was Eva I wrote a theme for Eva the main character.

-What theme did you have in mind for Eva the main character?

It is epic also emotional I tried to capture both sides of her character

-What type of theme did you end up with?
The music is orchestral with rhythm and synthesizers too but mainly orchestral sounding

-How long did it take you to come up with the score for the short?

I think I worked on the movie for about 2 weeks

-From the initial idea to the finished product? How long did that take? And did you tweak the script here and there?

The original idea had been with me for a while but when we started to actively work on it probably about 3 months. We were in post production for probably another 9 months after that. It was a fairly long process but we really wanted everything to be what we envisioned it as, and I think that these things take time when you are starting out.

-What is the message you are trying to convey to your audience?

What I would love to see from them is that they want to see more of this character especially since we are working on a feature film version of this. We would like to see them excited about seeing her on screen with this kind of environment and this kind of really cool music

-How long is your short?

11mins and 15 seconds

-15 seconds! That must be the vital component I am sure?

That’s right

Thank you for the interview

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