Sunday, August 14, 2011

3 Minutes With: Matthew A. Brown, Director/Writer/Producer of "Crush"

Matthew A. Brown
Director, Writer and Producer of Crush

Where did you come in from?
I flew in from New York for the festival and meetings for feature projects. I just heard that one of my features is fully funded. I'm shooting South African gangster thriller in Cape Town next year.

What's your short film and when does it play at HollyShorts?
Crush plays here today at Laemmle at 2:30pm.

What was the inspiration behind the project?
I had met the camera man on another project Bjoern Knechtel. He and I connected so well we decided to do something immediately. We have a similar sensibility and aesthetic approach. Because Bjorn and I were so happy with Crush, we ended up abandoning the other short we were going to shoot. He is shooting my first feature in South Africa.

How long will you be in LA?
I will be in LA until the 22n'd of August.

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