Tuesday, August 16, 2011

3 Minute Interview with Sean Mc Carthy Writer/Producer and Elizabeth Mitchell Producer/Actress - “ Simoom Cutting Seams” Director Sean O'Hare

Interview by Jasmina Nevada

-Would you like to tell me your names and your part in the short movie video?

I am Sean Mc Carthy, writer director of the music video cutting seams

Elizabeth Mitchell, producer and actress

-When does your short film premiere here at the Festival?

15th August 730pm

-What inspired you to come up of the concept of this particular music video short? Where did the idea come from?

I guess the writer she came to me by doing a video for this band and I went through some surgery and I was having a lot of nightmares from these painkillers that they prescribed me, so I was having a very vivid nightmares and just like really weird dreams and then I just wanted to kind of perceptive based storytelling, like from someone's perspective and I just wanted to create the feeling of what it feels like to be in a dream mixed in with a music video and the feelings that you have in a music video like fear and anxiety and paranoia I wanted to kind of visualise that

-You wanted to express this feeling?

I wanted to create the primal feelings that you have in a nightmare and still do justice to the song and the band. Our Executive producer and Manager of the band he basically was really into horror films and allowed us really like let me go loose and the 2 of us really attacking it. There is no instruments in the video and wasn't what nightmares are based of, it would break the reality for the viewer

-Would it be right to say that it was more of a literal dream that you wanted to put into reality in terms of film?

Yes, blended with like a movie that we both saw, -Phantoms of Paradise really obscure like that Brian de Palma horror musical I just wanted to do something that was very horror based, nightmare orientated and kinda like what Polanski does with perspective and there is like some singing, but that works within the nightmare There is a little bit of music video like the genre of the music video what it is but I did not want to ruin it with the instrumentation and just wanted to have that fluidity that nightmares have

-So it would be right in saying that you did not want to mix a dream with the actual physical?

Yes we don't really think of it so much as a music video but more of a short film that happens to be set to music. There is no dialogue just a short film and there is a song playing in the background?

-What is your message that you are trying to put across to the audience? What are you hoping that they perceive?

There is no rules in dreams that's what really fascinates us and you know that feeling you get when you are with your best friend but it is not your best friend, so the thing about dreams is that there are no rules and can look like yourself, not look like yourself, you can see yourself in the dream and not see yourself in the dream. It's universal everybody dreams and some of them are really terrifying

-How long did it take from start to finish to make this short film/video?

10 months, pretty much a year with the pre-production talking with the band

-How long is the video?

About 6-7 minutes with the credits

-Are you enjoying the festival so far?

Loving it! Meeting people and saw some great films

Thank you

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