Sunday, August 14, 2011

3 Minutes With: Ari Dassa and Scott Gleine, Makers of The Man Who Talked to His Bulb

Names and Titles?
Ari Dassa- Director
Scott Gleine-Director of photography

What is the name of your short film?
The Man Who Talked to His Bulb

Where are you guys from?
Ari-I’m from here (Los Angeles).
Scott-Originally from Cleveland, but I live in LA now.

What was the inspiration for your film?
Ari-I really wanted to make a comical black and white film. This movie is about the whole writing process. It really pokes fun at the seriousness of being a writer.

What is your film about?
It is a film noir approach to the struggle of a writer’s creative process.

When does your film premiere at the HollyShorts Fest?
2:30pm today!

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