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HollyShorts to open 2010 fest with David Arquette's 3D short film

Opening night August 5, 2010
Festival August 5-12, 2010

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

HollyShorts interviews David Dean Bottrell, 2010 HollyShorts Judge

David Dean Bottrell co-wrote the screenplay for the 2001 Fox Searchlight release KINGDOM COME. A former off-Broadway playwright and sometime TV actor, he is probably best known these days for his reoccurring role as the creepy “Lincoln Meyer” on “Boston Legal.” Over the past twelve years, he has written scripts for Fox Searchlight, MTV Films, Paramount and Disney Feature Animation among others. His first short film, AVAILABLE MEN premiered in March 2006 at the HBO US Comedy Arts Festival and has since screened in over 130 film festivals, winning 17 “Best Short Film” awards. His weekly blog, PARTS AND LABOR (a serio-comic look at being middle-class in Hollywood) has quickly gained a dedicated following. David just finished writing a musical for Fox Searchlight and is currently appearing in the underground sketch comedy hit, STREEP TEASE at the Bang Comedy Theater in Hollywood.

Discuss the adventure that was your short Available Men. What it was that brought you to the decision to create your own film?

The idea for "Available Men" came to me on one of the darkest days of my life. I had just gone through a major break-up. I was broke and felt like my career was basically over. Somehow, out of that despair, this idea for a little mistaken identity comedy bubbled up from my subconscious. As soon as I had the idea, I laughed out loud. I remember thinking "If this idea can make me laugh today, it must be good." So, I decided to at least try to write it.

What roles did you play in the development of the project? What were some of the unique challenges and rewards of writing/directing/producing your own film vs. writing/acting for someone else?

I had never directed anything in my life, but I'd certainly seen it done -- both beautifully and horribly. I managed to scrape together a minuscule budget and began begging favors from every human being I knew. Luckily for me, everybody liked the script and before I knew it, we were actually making the film. Directing, is on the one hand, a very fun job because you're sort of "God." Everyone is turning to you for answers and they pretty much have to do your bidding. On the other hand, it's a tremendous amount of pressure. You get hit with a lot of gnarly decisions and sometime you just have to guess. You have to act confident, even when you're not. And you can't have a meltdown. Everybody's looking to you to keep the film on track.

What impact did Available Men have on your career/life?

It totally changed my career. I had been sort of pigeon-holed after the success of KINGDOM COME and could only get work on African-American projects. Sort of ironic considering how "white" I am. The short got me a lot of attention and a new manager. I began to get jobs adapting books and for a while I was even in the running for a few directing jobs. On a personal level, it restored my confidence that I could write funny material. I had taken quite a beating in the studio system and had sort of lost my edge. The short gave it back to me. It was an invaluable lesson.

You created Available Men in 2006, in 2010 it seems more and more actors/writers/directors are looking to produce their own shorts, what advice might you have for others looking to create/promote their own short films.

Do it. That's my advice in a nutshell. A short film may not necessarily advance your career, but the process of making one is going to teach you a hell of a lot. It will sharpen your skills. When you make a short, you're the boss. If it's a mess, you can't blame anybody but yourself. Experience gives knowledge and knowledge builds confidence.

You are a judge at this year’s HollyShorts Short Film Festival, what will you be looking for in these shorts?

When I judge shorts, I pay particular attention to content. Film students often get obsessed with production value at the expense of engaging material. I personally like shorts that take the audience on a quick trip from point A to point B. That's all that's really required. I'm not fond of shorts where the filmmakers seem to be asleep at the wheel. It's fine to tell a personal story, but you've got to remember that you're making this for an audience that doesn't live inside your head. I also really admire young filmmakers who know how to edit. It's really tough to watch a one-joke movie that goes on for about ten minutes after the joke stopped being funny.

You’ve written both features and shorts - are there some less obvious differences between the short medium and the feature medium?

Features are very structured. You have to keep an audience engaged for 100 or more minutes and a layered story structure is the only way to do that. Shorts are different in that you are asking for a much smaller time commitment from them. That can free filmmakers to tell their stories in a more instinctual way.

Again, so many people look to create their own shorts for myriad reasons - what are some of the common pitfalls writers/directors/ fall into when creating shorts?

The biggest pitfall is usually the script. If writing is not your strong suit, then find somebody who can write and either let them write it for you or listen to their advice. No matter what the length or genre, all film is about story. Whatever kind of story you're telling, make sure you start it in one place and end it in another. And I'm not talking about multiple locations! Even if your film has no dialogue, there needs to be some sort of clear struggle; some movement that creates a real change in your characters. If that doesn't happen, your audience will walking out of the theater saying "What the hell was that about?" You don't want that.

What are some of the best short films you’ve seen recently and why?

Since I don't want to get into any trouble, I think I'll pass on actually naming any specific titles. I'm just glad people are making them. I advise both my acting and writing students to make shorts, just for the experience of it. Oddly enough, I just gave a friend of mine notes on his short the other day, but happily they were minor. It was actually very good. Funny, but I just wrote a column back in January about my experience (and the aftermath) of making AVAILABLE MEN. If anybody's interested, you can read it here: And you can watch the actual film at:

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6th HollyShorts Film Festival is star-studded Hollywood showcase

Hollywood, California - USA
August 5 to 12, 2010
In the Spotlight this week is the 6th Annual HOLLYSHORTS FILM FESTIVAL (HSFF), offering prime industry exposure and a great slate of prizes in Hollywood, California.

HSFF is primed to continue the impressive momentum it has built since its first edition in 2004. With a unique tradition of exhibiting the independent short-form work of celebrities and filmmakers like David Lynch, Eli Roth, Paul Haggis, Scarlett Johansson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Kirsten Dunst, Courteney Cox, Jessica Biel, David Arquette, Demi Moore, and Josh Brolin, HSFF creates a wonderful opportunity for undiscovered talent to showcase their work alongside industry heavyweights.

Filmmakers can be confident that their work is in good hands, as the HSFF jury is full of successful industry pros like Mark Fergus (Writer, CHILDREN OF MEN), Jimmy Jean-Louis (Actor, "Heroes"), Bill Purple (HOLE IN THE PAPER SKY), Jesse Terrero (SOUL PLANE), Jamie Linden (Writer, DEAR JOHN), and Maurissa Tancharoen (Writer/Actress, "Dollhouse"). The industry presence at HSFF does not escape the attention of the press, and the Festival has received favorable write-ups in The Los Angeles Times, In Style Magazine, and indieWIRE. MovieMaker even named HollyShorts one of 25 festivals "worth the entry fee."

May 14, 2010 - Late Deadline
Upgraded projects save $5 on this deadline
HollyShorts is dedicated to showcasing the best and brightest films from around the globe.
HSFF's 2010 prizes include over $10,000 USD in production and post-production services, including a RED ONE rental package, a post and VFX services package, studio space rentals, and more. Winning filmmakers can also look forward to distribution opportunities with HollyShorts partners, and the winner of the Best Director Award will receive a profile in H Magazine. The Arthouse Marketing Group will offer a select group of shorts the chance to be screened on 238 screens in major markets across the country. All HollyShorts filmmakers will meet and network with celebrity guests, as well as reps from the top agencies, management companies, and more.

HollyShorts 2010 will feature over 90 of the top short films, music videos, and webisodes from around the globe, along with select feature films by alumni. The 2010 star-studded Opening Night reception will take place at the world-famous Directors Guild of America Theatre in Hollywood, and screenings will take place at Laemmle's Sunset 5 Theatre in Hollywood.

Plug into a high-profile network of powerful industry connections - submit your project to the HollyShorts Film Festival today!

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hollyshorts 2010 call for entries announced!

Extravaganza Takes Place August 5-12, 2010 in Hollywood, CA


Hollywood, CA January 6, 2010 – On the heels of the most successful HollyShorts Film Festival ( to date which featured participation from such stars and filmmakers as Demi Moore, Kirsten Dunst, Darren Lew, Eli Roth, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Joel Moore, and Tom Everett Scott, the organizers of the event announce today the official call for entries for the 6th Annual HollyShorts Film Festival (HSFF).

Ranked by Moviemaker Magazine as “one of the top film festivals worth the entry fee,” HollyShorts will take place August 5-12, 2010 in Hollywood and feature a marquee opening night world premiere event, short film and feature film screenings as well as industry panels and exclusive receptions and parties. The announcement was made today by festival directors Daniel Sol and Theo Dumont.

Submissions can now be completed directly online by visiting or by submitting on Withoutabox directly at

Submissions must be 30 minutes or less. Categories include Live Action, Animation, Documentary, Student, Webisode and Music Video. HollyShorts also has a discounted category for student projects. Deadlines to submit U.S. and International short films for the 2010 HollyShorts Film Festival are:

• February 19, 2010 – Early Submission deadline
• April 16, 2010 – Official deadline
• May 14, 2010 – Late deadline

Completed U.S. and international short films may be submitted and must arrive in office by February 19 for early consideration and a reduced submission fee. Complete information and eligibility requirements are available on

To promote this year’s HollyShorts Call For Entries, the organizers are initiating the following initiatives: HollyShorts page videos and clips on; HollyShorts banner placement on leading film industry sites such as and Moving; Submission discounts for participants at upcoming HollyShorts monthly screening series at the Echo Park Film Center.

The 5th Annual HollyShorts Film Festival took place August 6-13 at the DGA and Laemmle’s Sunset 5 Theatre in Hollywood with top honors of Best Short Film going to “La Petite Lilia,” Directed by Reda Mustafa. Mustafa took home a prize package from Clifton Production Services which included a RED ONE digital cinema package valued up to $5,000.00, while Johnny Gill took home a $10,000 cash prize for the Haydenfilms Online Film Festival contest for his short film “My Turtle's Name is Dudley.”

The submission link and complete information regarding eligibility and entry rules for the 2010 HollyShorts Film Festival are available on the HollyShorts Film Festival website at Information is also available through the HollyShorts hotline at 818-760-9897 818-760-9897 , by email to For sponsorship information, please email with your query.

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HollyShorts Film Festival co-founder and Director Daniel Sol was a featured in-studio guest this past weekend on LA Talk Radio's Film Courage show hosted by David Branin and Karen Worden. The insighful segment was a roundtable with fellow fess EgoFest and Festivus. Listen to the show by clicking on the photo below: