Sunday, August 14, 2011

3 Minutes With: Kevin Moss, Creator of The Small Assassin

Kevin Moss.

What is the title of your project?
The Small Assassin

Where did you come in from?
I’m originally from Chicago but I live in LA now.

What's your short film and when does it play at HollyShorts?
Today (August 14) at 7:30pm.

What was the inspiration behind the project?
It’s based on a short story from Ray Bradbury. The film was primarily filmed in Chicago’s Beverly neighborhood. It is a 1950’s remake about post-partum depression with a Sci-Fi twist.

What is your film about?
Basically, a couple gives birth to their first child and they believe that the baby is plotting to kill them.

How long will you be in LA?
I will be in LA until August 22.

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