Tuesday, August 23, 2011

An interview about Commercial 'Freaky Old Man”

Premiered on Tuesday 16th August 5pm
Interview with
Imani Shakur Producer,Director, Writer born in Trindad and Tobago, Caribbean, grew up in Miami, Florida
Alisha Liliana -Actress, Writer and Co-producer - from Austin Texas has been in LA 2 years
Daniel Taylor from Indiana, Actor in the 'commercial' freaky old man

Interview by Jasmina Nevada

-Will you be submitting this commercial to the Trinidad and Tobago film festival in mid September?

If there is one 'hell yeah'
(under investigation whether this festival accepts commercials... watch this space..)

-Would you like to tell me a little bit more about your commercial? What's it's about? Where the idea came about? What inspired you to make this commercial?

Well it all started from Alisha suggesting that we compete in the Superbowl Doritos contest. I had seen it and decided that I did not care about that, but there would be big money if you win. Alisha and I came up with the idea together. Originally Alisha had something about a blind guy and a stoplight or something and a car, I elaborated on it and said we would take him to the park...... it just went from there

We sat and wrote the script and went over and revised it a few times and put it together and shot it

-How long did it take you from concept to filming it to the final product?

Maybe a few months – we spent over a month thinking of an idea, we had tonnes of ideas.....

So did you change the original idea etc during the shooting process?

No we changed it during the pre-production and the casting process.

After we had the casting we saw how the actors were reacting to the lines, how they were saying them, we revised it at that point to sound better, more conversational,when you hear it it is different from the written. We even had to change the character at first - it was the father and the son and then I thought it would be a better idea to have his wife catching him

-So there were some last minute modifications.... great.. So how long is your commercial?

1 minute

-You crammed all of this into one minute?

That's where the good film making comes in

-The climax, the climax and the climax!! and nothing else! High action,high energy and it's done?


So what is next in the pipeline for you?

He has a couple of big things going on (Imani Shakur). We are am working on a short film 'Laced in' he will direct I will be the lead actress. It's a good story about 2 sisters trying to work out their troubled past but in 2 different ways and coming to a resolution. The resolution will surprise you........

-Are you enjoying the film festival so far?
Yeah, opening night was great, we came last night and was a lot of fun. Absolutely

-We look forward to the future to seeing that in it's totality....

*This interview proved that even the actor at an audition can change everything for the director etc,important therfore in my opinion for those actors auditioning to show their scope and variety which can influence a director etc and his script- note by Jasmina Nevada*

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