Monday, August 15, 2011

3 minute interview with Utku Celik – Producer & Chas Ryan Fatur Producer/Editor/ Screenplay- 'Bisqilet'

Good afternoon, where are you guys from?

I am from Turkey.

What is the name of your movie in the Festival?

'Bisquilet' – The Bicycle

Ok, and what was the inspiration for making the film, where did the idea come from?

I am the Producer of the film,well the idea came from the Director of the film he had a bicycle with a missing tyre in his basement so he wrote that script like a few years ago and one of our Professor's asked us for a short film from us for graduation, short film without dialogue, so we made a team together and shot the film

Did you say it's a short film without dialogue?


It's all in the expression..


Are you pleased with the finished product?

The finished version yeah actually I am more pleased with the American version it was like a 17 minutes film but Mr Chas when he brought it to the United States he decided to make a shorter film and he made it 10 minutes duration of short film. I am quite pleased about the latest version of the film.

I am happy to hear that.. and when does it premiere here at the Festival?

Premiere was today at 12pm

How long are you here from Turkey? Or do you live here?

My cousin is American and lives in Los Angeles so I am visiting him, I came a few months ago

So you came to visit your cousin and take up the opportunity with your film too..


Thank you for the interview

Interview by Jasmina Nevada

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