Monday, August 22, 2011

Interview with Hollyshorts 2011 Winner Best Student Short Film 'Goldenbox' Director Matt MacDonald

Interview by Jasmina Nevada

Goldenbox premiered at Hollyshorts Film Festival Tuesday 16th August 730pm

Interview by Jasmina Nevada

-Would you like to explain which genre is your movie and what your short film is about?

Goldenbox is an action comedy following 2 best friends who have to break into a UPS like facility to steal back a package and hope that their friendship survives the adventure.

-I have already seen this film so I wont give too much away but it was extremely action packed and I was curious to know where did this concept or idea originate from?

Well Goldenbox came from being 11 years old and playing a lot of video games. Back in the day there was a game based on the James Bond Movie, Goldeneye that came out and it became this instant classic because you could play it with your friends. I started thinking well what would be a fun thing to do - so my writing partner and I started to think what would be really fun....
We both came around to this game that we both played as a kid and thought that we had so much fun with our buddies having a great time. OK we have this great game lets just do some kind of heist and it went from there..

I love action movies ….I love James Bond

-Did you change the original script whilst you were shooting, or did you pretty much go with the original script?

It was pretty close to the script. One of things that I really wanted was this improv. feel between the 2 main actors so we did a lot with them so maybe 80 per cent of the actual dialogue is scripted

-I noticed that you had submitted this short also to the LA Short Film Festival as well as this one, so will you be submitting to any more ?

I think so, we have tried to target some of the most prestigious festivals and material that we think the audience will really like. The cool thing about the Hollyshorts Film Festival is it feels like a very hip, fresh, perspective and it is still new and up and coming. I thought what a great opportunity, situated right in the center of Hollywood, what could be better than that? I have so many friends here and it's a great place and a great venue...

-I take it then that you are enjoying the festival very much?

I love it. It has been great so far. The films have been really solid. The panels have been awesome I have really enjoyed it.

-What format did you shoot in & how long is the short?

We shot on the Red MX camera and the film runs 18 and a half minutes with credits

-How long did it take from the initial idea to the finished product?

I started writing summer of 2009 and then we shot the summer of 2010. We finished post production everything up in May 2011.

-What are the expectations and perceptions you are expecting from your audiences?

I want people to have fun I think it is a fun movie and it is meant to be nostalgic and show the fun of video games and having a good time

Thank your for your time

*It was of course an honor for me to be able to interview one of the winning entries- note By Jasmina Nevada*

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