Saturday, December 17, 2005

Holly Shorts came across this cool screenwriting contest. Jeffrey Katzenberg and Disney�s Dick Cook have agreed to read the winning scripts. The goal of the competition is to help inspire first-time screenwriters to produce compelling, entertaining, spiritually uplifting scripts. For more info visit

Saturday, December 10, 2005

2006 Sundance Film Festival Announces Short Film Program
SALT LAKE CITY, - Te Short Film Program at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival, taking place January 19-29, 2006, in Park City, Utah will also be available globally at the Sundance Film Festival Online at ( starting January 19, 2006 through June 19, 2006. Below are the 73 featured shorts:

US Shorts
Dramatic Shorts

BUGCRUSH (Director: Carter Smith
COMMON PRACTICE (Director: Marcos Efron)
DEALBREAKER (Director: Gwyneth Paltrow and Mary Wigmore)
THE DEBT / USA/Republic of Georgia (Director: Levan Koguashvili)
DIVORCE LEMONADE (Director: Justin Hayward)
FIRST DATE (Director: Gary Huggins)
FOURTEEN (Director: Nicole Barnette)
GESTURE DOWN/I DON'T SING / USA/Mexico (Director: Cedar Sherbert)
HA HA HA AMERICA (Director: Jon Daniel Ligon)
HELLO, THANKS (Director: Andrew Blubaugh)
HOLD UP (Director: Madeleine Olnek)
LA MUERTE ES PEQUENA / USA/Brazil (Director: Fellipe Gamarano Barbosa)
LIGHTEN UP (Director: John Viener)
MAX AND JOSH (Director: Kathryn Ann Busby)
MOMMA'S BOY (Director: John Bryant)
ONE SUNG HERO (Director: Samantha Kurtzman-Counter)
THE PITY CARD (Director: Bob Odenkirk)
REDEMPTITUDE (Director: David Zellner)
ROBIN'S BIG DATE (Director: James Duffy)
TRANSACTION (Director: Jacques Thelemaque)
YOU TURNED BACK AND HELD MY HAND (Director: Gabriela Tollman)
YOUR DARK HAIR IHSAN / USA/Mexico (Director: Tala Hadid)

Documentary Shorts

THE ALUMINUM FOWL (Director: James S. Clauer)
BEYOND IRAQ (Director: Annalisa Hodgkins)
LOSING LUSK (Director: Vance Malone)
LOT 63, GRAVE C (Director: Sam Green)
MIND OVER MATTER (Director: Scott Gerow)
PREACHER WITH AN UNKNOWN GOD (Director: Rob VanAlkemade)
RANGE (Director: Bill Basquin)
THROUGH THE ICE (Director: Jennie Livingston)
THE TRIBE (Director: Tiffany Shlain)
TRUE STORY (Director: Stephanie Via)
WHAT I LOVE ABOUT DYING (Director: Silas Howard)

Animated Shorts

FABLE (Director: Daniel Sousa)
FUMI AND THE BAD LUCK FOOT (Director: David Chai)
GOPHER BROKE (Director: Jeff Fowler)
HADACOL CHRISTMAS (Director: Brent Green)
LOS ABCS: QUE VIVAN LOS MUERTOS! (Director: John Jota Leanos)
THE WRAITH OF COBBLE HILL (Director: Adam Parrish King)

Dramatic Shorts

ANTONIO'S BREAKFAST / UK (Director: Daniel Mulloy)
ARUBA / Canada (Director: Hubert Davis)
BAWKE / Norway (Director: Hisham Zaman)
THE BEGINNING OF THE END / Brazil (Director: Gustavo Spolidoro)
BE QUIET / France (Director: Sameh Zoabi)
BEFORE DAWN / Hungary (Director: Balint Kenyeres)
DESEJO / Brazil (Director: Anne Pinheiro Guimaraes)
EXOTICORE / Belgium (Director: Nicolas Provost)
LE ROUGE AU SOL / Canada (Director: Maxime Giroux)
MONSIEUR ETIENNE / France (Director: Yann Chayia)
THE NATURAL ROUTE / Spain (Director: Alex Pastor)
A SUPERMARKET LOVE SONG / UK (Director: Daniel Outram)

Documentary Shorts

RAPE FOR WHO I AM / South Africa (Director: Lovinsa Kavuma)
SMUDGE / Canada (Director: Gail Maurice)
UNDRESSING MY MOTHER / Ireland (Director: Ken Wardrop)

Animated Shorts

AT THE QUINTE HOTEL / Canada (Director: Bruce Alcock)
BOB LOG III'S ELECTRIC FENCE STORY / Germany (Director: Stock 'n' Wolf)
CLARA / Australia (Director: Van Sowerwine)
FLESH / France (Director: Edouard Salier)
A HALF MAN / Canada (Director: Firas Momani)
(Director: Anthony Lucas)
YESTERDAY, I THINK / UK (Director: Becalelis Brodskis)


THE BLEEDING HEART OF IT / Canada (Director: Louise Bourque)
FANTOME AFRIQUE / UK (Director: Isaac Julien)
HIGH PLAINS WINTER / USA (Directors: Cindy Stillwell)
QUIMERA / Brazil (Director: Eryk Rocha)
SITE SPECIFIC_LAS VEGAS 05 / Italy (Director: Olivo Barbieri)
TRUE NORTH / USA (Director: Isaac Julien)
UTEN TITTEL / Norway (Director: Anja Breien)
VISCERA / USA (Director: Leighton Pierce)

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Dave Branin's new short film "What Happened to the Toilet Paper?" has been getting rave reviews this week.

Available for view on iFILM, the film cracked the to 50 comedies in just one week of posting. "This is gonna be huge," said Branin when HollyShorts caught up to him Tuesday night at LAX on his way to Barbados. "We are thrilled at the early response that we've been getting."

Sunday, December 04, 2005


HandHeld Entertainment (TM) this past week announced it will add more than 1,000 comedic short films to its downloadable collection of ZVUE-ready videos available at The films are available through a content licensing agreement with Fun Little Movies (FLM), a leading provider and distributor of mobile entertainment and short comedy films. The films are available through a content licensing agreement with Fun Little Movies (FLM), a leading provider and distributor of mobile entertainment and short comedy films. The agreement with FLM gives ZVUE users access to a large collection of downloadable comedy shorts, which are readily playable on the ZVUE portable media player, as well as other compatible PMPs and Sprint mobile phones. Videos produced by FLM have appeared on HBO, Showtime, MTV, Comedy Central, A&E, PBS, Fox and FLM has also received many cinematic awards, including First Prize for Best Comedy at the World’s Smallest Film Festival for its ‘Love Bytes’ series, and a finalist’s place for Best Short Film at the Cannes Film Festival.
According to The Hollywood Reporter,the third weekend was still a charm for "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire," which remained the top movie with an estimated $20.5 million. "Aeon Flux," managed to debut in second place with $13.1 million, according to studio estimates.
Irish short 'A Woman's Hair' has won joint Best International Short at The Venice International Short Film Festival. The film was adapted and directed for the screen by writer/director Conor McDermottroe from a short story by Bryan McMahon.
'A Woman's Hair' is set in the 1950s and tells the story of an unlikely bond that develops between a traveller woman and a young girl, played by nine-year-old Orlaith Donnelly, during a cold winter.
According to the latest Done Deal Newsletter , Paramount Pictures will pay $1.2 million against $1.8 million for "Cockblockers" by Greg Coolidge. It is based on a pitch from an idea by Greg Coolidge and Walter Hamada. The story centers on a new couple that has but one problem: The woman's ex-boyfriend keeps blocking the advances of her new beau. Topher Grace, Michael De Luca, Identity Films' Seann William Scott & Graham Larson and H2F's Walter Hamada & Chris Fenton will produce. Scott and Grace will also star. Coolidge was repped on the deal by Emile Gladstone of Broder Webb Chervin Silbermann Agency, manager Walter Hamada of H2F Entertainment, and attorney Karl Austen of Jackoway Tyerman Wertheimer Austen Mandelbaum & Morris.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

HollyShorts to present indie film showcase at Goddess Nite, November 12, 2005 at the Passive Arts Dungeon! The event is presented by Mother Bitch Productions.

Goddess Nite is an eclectic event that is designed to endorse and magnify strong independent female leaders in the underground arts and rock scene. The evening will consist of an art/photo gallery, dark designers, a concert by female fronted bands including Talia Mays, female DJ's and MC's and an independent film showcase presented by HollyShorts. The short films line up is TBA but will feature the best dark, edgy shorts from HollyShorts '05. The event will take place in the largest dungeon in North America, Passive Arts. For additional details on the event, please visit

Friday, October 28, 2005

Q&A With The Makers of "Broken," The Comic Book

HollyShorts recently had the opportunity to catch up with two innovators, Brian Erzen and Lonny Chant of the hit independent comic book "Broken." The comic is story of a broken relationship, friends drifting apart, the silliness of "scenes" and how real life claims us all. Erzen wrote the story and Chant handled the artwork.

It's easy to talk about launching a project but it's another thing to get it off the ground and running a business.

HS:How did you guys come up with the concept for this comic?

BE: Lonny mentioned on the phone that he had a story idea, and wanted to know if I'd be interested in writing up a story that took elements of out real life and create this fictional story.

LC: Yeah, it's based LOOSELY on life experience.

HS: How many issues have been released to the public?

BE: Issue 1 is available for sale right now at, currently finishing up issue 2-3, and the overall story is plotted and it will be 6 issues.

HS: Would you be interested in formulating this comic book into a feature film if the proper offer came?

BE: The concept and the characters can be grown outside the comic book medium, but for the time being we are more interested in finding a publisher.

HS: What does it take for someone to take an idea and bring it to fruition like you guys did?

BE: Lots of discussion, compromise and dedication.

HS: What kind of tradeshows have you guys attended to promote the comic?

BE: We went to the APE, SPX, and the San Diego Comic Convention.

HS: Where do you see this heading in the next 2 years?

BE: The 6 issue story arch will be completed and the whole story will be in a trade paperback, as well as working on new ideas..

HS: What are some comic books that have influenced you the most?

LC: So many to name. Recently it's been the losers, ultimates, planetary and of course WE3. My favorite books and stories are the Dark Knight, X-Men Phoenix Saga, Hellboy, 100Bullets, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the Crow.

BE: Some of my favorite books are Sandman, X-Men, and Preacher, 100 Bullets.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Tribeca announced recently they'll feature a series of short films created by the Nokia 6682 imaging smartphone. In addition to the jury shorts, Festival co-founder Jane Rosenthal along with documentary filmmakers John Kirby and Libby Handros
(The American Ruling Class) also created an original work. The shorts created using the Nokia 6682 imaging smartphone will be available for viewing online

Holly Shorts Ent.

Ad of the day
Holly Shorts Ent.

Monday, October 24, 2005

According to CNN, the London Film Festival, which takes place this week, will feature some of the world's hottest short films. It's the 49th annual event and it is bannered the TCM (Turner Classic Movies)Classic Shorts competition. Six films have been drawn up by the panel judges including some of the biggest brits as actors: Dame Helen Mirren, Alan Rickman and Kate Winslet, as well as director Gurinder Chadha -- best known for film such as "Bhaji on the Beach," "Bend it Like Beckham" and "Bride & Prejudice."

Directed by: Hattie Dalton
Produced by: Kelly Broad

The six film finalists are: "The Clap," directed by Geoff Lindsey; "Ashes," by Corinna Faith; "Jane Lloyd," directed by Happy; "Special People," from Justin Edgar; Andrew Greener's "End Game," and "The Banker," directed by Hattie Dalton.
Congratulations to Justin Liberman and his acclaimed short film "Y Nada Mas" for their biggest screening in Los Angeles to date at the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival this past Saturday.
The Korea Times recently reported Actor Ahn Sung-ki, a veteran Korean actor believes short films are a pure way for directors to express what they want to say without worrying too much about commercial success. We agree with Sung-ki.
``Different from feature films, short films have their own attractive qualities, free from the burden of commercial success and all that,'' Ahn told The Korea Times last week. ``And they talk straightforwardly in innovative and interesting ways.''

To promote the virtues of short films, he is now working as director of the 3rd Asiana International Short Film Festival (AISFF), which takes place in Seoul from Nov. 2 to 7, showcasing 55 films from 26 countries.

Saturday, October 22, 2005


Congratulations to Director/Producer Shawna Baca for premiering her film"352" last week at Sony Pictures Studio. The film is about one woman's internal journey to overcome her past.

Holly Shorts Ent.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Broken on National T.V. Program "The Screening Room"

Filmmaker Alex Ferrari (left) on the Set of "The Screening Room"

Hollyshorts would like to congratulate Alex Ferrari and the people behind the visually stimulating short film "Broken" as they've been chosen to be on the popular television program "The Screening Room with Jonathan Krane." The show, which is aired on WHDT, features three 20-minute films in high definition, followed by a Q&A with Jonathan Krane, the mega producer behind "Swordfish," "Face Off," "The
General's Daughter," "Phenomenon," "Look Who's Talking Trilogy," and "Domestic
Disturbance" to name a few. The BROKEN guys will be on Monday, Oct 17th @ 8pm on WHTV. The show will reach 10 million viewers!

Monday, September 26, 2005


On Saturday, September 17, HollyShorts had the opportunity to check out Dave Branin's latest short film "Shoot-Out." Branin and co-star Tyshawn Bryant put together a lavish premier party at a private estate in Glendale. The short is a drama/action film and stars Bryant and Daniel Sol and is about two men playing a game of basketball one-on-one to the death. The film was shot with a Panasonic DVX100A and is 15 minutes long. Over 60 guests attended the gala. The DVD will be available for purchase in November and will feature behind the scenes footage and deleted scenes. Below are images from the event.

Short Films for Turner Wanted Now!

Turner Studios is looking for short film submissions for an exciting new T.V. show. The pilot episode is slated to shoot at the end of October. The 30-minute show will showcase 3-5 short comedy films per episode. This is a great opportunity for filmmakers!
Submissions must be received by October 21st.
Movie submissions specs:
*Under 5 minutes or 30 second short spots
*Comedy based
For additional information, please contact us at
"Jimmy Christ" launches this Friday at The Space

September 27, 2005 LOS ANGELES, CA--- The Dreamhouse Ensemble proudly announces the presentation of playwright and author Nicholas Monahan's "Jimmy Christ," their second production of the 2005-2006 season. The play premiers on Friday, September 30 at 8 p.m. at The Space Theatre located at 665 N. Heliotrope. Media guests should arrive 15 minutes before the production. The play will run until November 18, Fridays and Saturdays at 8p.m., Sundays at 7p.m.

Jimmy Christ, a satirical coming of age comedy, takes place during biblical times and tells the story of Jesus's younger brother Jimmy. Living in Nazareth, Jimmy is faced with life's obstacles, coming to accept himself as a man, relationships, dealing with his disabilities, while his brother Jesus goes through life without imperfections. In an interesting sub-plot, the play also takes a look at the Christ household, how Joseph, Mary, Jesus and Jimmy interact.

"We are thrilled to be presenting "Jimmy Christ," a colorful comedy at The Space for the second time ever," said Director Alex Sol. "The Dreahmouse Ensemble is eager to bring the audiences back to a time we can only dream about. This is one of many humorous, thought-provoking plays we will be bringing this season."

Sol, who is also Creative Director of The Dreamhouse Ensemble, has been praised for his work as Director of "Orpheus Descending" (Tennessee Williams), "Savage In Limbo" (John Patrick Shanly) and "The Palace of Wisdom" (Larry Marravilla). Sol has also produced "Roys Coffee Shop," which was nominated for Best Comedy Ensemble at LA Weekly Theatre Awards.

The cast of "Jimmy Christ" includes Jonah Wanicur, Ronald Quigley, Jessica Blair, Adam Wasser, Jennifer Sindell, Angela Patterson, Alim Kouliev and Stuart Barron. Scene Painter: Jana Wimer.

Admission is $15. For reservations and information: tickets and additional information please call: (213) 891-1088.

About The Dreamhouse Ensemble
The Dreamhouse Ensemble is a Los Angeles-based Theatre company. "Jimmy Christ," will be the second production for the group, which is a resident company at The Space in Hollywood.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

HollyShorts 2005 Deemed Successful! Below are images and details. All photos courtesy of Jenn Tomczyszyn photography.

Golden Ratio capped off HollyShorts 2005 with an amazing musical performance. Pictured here are the band members with the HollyShorts co-founders

Friday, August 19, 2005

HollyShorts Short Film Fest featured in Studio City Sun this week!
Holly Shorts Ent.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Rufus Dorsey, Director and Writer of "Dick (The Short)," Winner of HollyShorts 2005 Best Short Film Award

DICK (THE SHORT) BIG WINNER AT HOLLYSHORTS! (You can view the trailer by clicking here)
Congratulations to Rufus Dorsey, Director Writer and Producer of "Dick (The Short)" for taking home the 2005 HollyShorts Best Short Film Award. Dorsey was awarded a $150 gift certificate courtesy of The Writers Store.

The Audience Choice Awards were presented by Indiepix. Saturday's winner was "Bluff Point," written and directed by Kelly Rigg and Natashia McGough. Sunday's Audience Choice Award went to "The King of K-Town," written by Aaron Caine and Michael Moeller and Directed by Aaron Caine. The winning short films also win the option to be in the HollyShorts Compilation DVD, which will be available on Indiepix, an online community devoted to independent filmmaking.

Congratulations to all of the weekends big winners!

Brett A. Simmons, Director of Husk , addresses the crowd at HollyShorts 2005

HollyShorts 2005 Festival attendees mingling during an intermission

HollyShorts opening night party-goers at The Bungalow Club

Justin Liberman, Writer and Director of Y Nada Mas; Actor Peter Mark Vasquez; Andrew P. Waruszewski, Director of Photography and Producer Brooke Dammkoehler

Theo Dumont, Co-Founder of HollyShorts; Robert McGee, C.S.A. and Dan Sol, Co-Founder of HollyShorts

Dan Sol (left), Co-Founder of HollyShorts with Aaron Caine, Writer and Director of The King of K-Town and Theo Dumont, Co-Founder of HollyShorts


Actor Michael Sandy with Writer/Director Justin Liberman

Dan Sol of HollyShorts with Daniel Dreyfus of Passionate Marketing and Theo Dumont of HollyShorts