Tuesday, August 16, 2011

3 minute interview with Friederel Fisher, The Almost Runaways

Today we had the pleasure to meet Friederel Fhisher who shared some details of Hollywood Superhero, written and directed by Jonathan Pezza.

This is the 4th work of Friederel who has been trained since very young within the world of filmmaking becoming a producer of several web & Tv shows, besides making short films to explore human reactions confronting real life versus ideals based on heroes from childhood, either real life.

Among his favorite directors Kurosawa and Kubrik; even though if his work doesn't reflect a direct influence of such directors, he is very interested in people reactions, how we argue with each other, what is behind of our daily masks, what is the story of our lives.

He focus more on the figure of female hero (heroine): protective and strong as the main character .
Hollywood Hero is a psychological drama which explores the way we create and wear masks, and the nature of true heroism, and cowardice.
Friederel is currently working on several shorts, a TV pilot and two future feature films.

Thanks for your time Friederel , we wish you all the best.

Shot on the Canon Eos 7d with a especial glow effect
Length: 13 minutes

More at http://www.hollywoodsuperhero.com/#!

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