Sunday, August 14, 2011

3 Minutes With: Jeffrey P. Nesker, Director of Apocalypse Story

Jeffrey P. Nesker

What is the title of your short film?
Apocalypse Story

Where are you from?
I flew in from Toronto, Canada.

What time is your short film playing?
Today at 2:30pm.

What is the inspiration for your project? What is it about?
I wanted to make two short films before I went into features. I really wanted to do a film that was mostly visual. There’s only one line of dialogue in the whole movie. Apocalypse is about a guy and a girl meeting at the end of the world and instead of working on repopulating the earth, they sort of have an awkward guy-girl sleepover. I’m a huge Sci-Fi nut and I always wanted to make a big epic.

How long are you in LA?
August 19 then I go back to Toronto and try to like it after coming to beautiful LA.

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