Sunday, August 14, 2011

3 Minutes With: Jhene Erwin, Co-Director/Actress/Producer/Writer of The House I Keep

Jhene Erwin

I produced, wrote, co-directed and played the lead.

What is the name of your short film?
The House I Keep

Where are you from?
I ‘m from Seattle but I used to live here in LA. Originally, I’m Canadian.

What was your inspiration?
The House I Keep is a story of loss and transformation that centers around a woman’s miscarriage. I have had a personal experience with miscarriages. I had problems with my second pregnancy and began talking to other women. I learned that women who have miscarriages feel that there isn’t a voice for their experiences. I’m hoping my film gives them that voice. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation asked me to write a blog to contribute to their Still Birth series that connects to some of the stigma that exists here and in other countries about miscarriages.

What is your film about?
One woman examines the juxtaposition of the interior and exterior world of a woman going through this grief of miscarrying. The day we spend with her is actually the day she experiences hope that will lead her back to peace.

What time is your film playing?
5pm today (August 14).

How long are you in town for?
I leave early tomorrow. I have to get back for my little girl!

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