Monday, August 22, 2011

Interview with Evan Hart Director,Writer 'Nice tie Italiano'

Interview by Jasmina Nevada

Premiered at the Hollyshorts Film Festival 730pm August 16th

-Are you are actor, writer, and/or Director for this short film?

Writer and Director, I have acted in the past this is my writing & directing debut

-If you would like to tell me a little bit about your movie?

The movie is a homage to old Italian cinema mixed with noir thriller. Its a love story,basically about 2 people who want love but they can't have it. The job gets in the way.. what do people do when they have the opportunity they choose love?..... they choose something else?..

-Its a movie based on making a choice?


-Where did this idea/concept for the movie come from?

Well Tom Stoppard once said it's all about love at the end of the day, a great screenplay, a great movie - it's all about the love story. This is sort of a slice in time of two people if they can make it happen if they can choose to be in love or choose a different fate in their jobs and the rest will be seen in the film..

-How long did it take from the initial story to the final product?

It took a long time I wrote it in a day, and wrote a true story in 30 minutes in between writing a feature. I was stuck and I needed to check out and check in to something else and this thing just sort of hit me. I was like an animal I had to get it out and it worked. It was simple and that was probably 3 years before I filmed it. We ended up filming it very quickly here in Los Angeles

We shot it in one day, in a bank foreclosed house that had been re-possessed,we were essentially squatting without a permit. We went in dressed the set, made it look like an Italian villa. The crew and cast did not know about this,just the producers and myself.

So whilst we were filming every minute we were wondering whether the Sheriff would show up and luckily they didn't!? We wrapped in that one day. Editing the short film from beginning to end was probably 3 and a half years. But when we really got down to it we started to get the money pre-production in June and shot it in August edited it and had it done in October.

-During shooting the movie did you make a lot of changes to the original script or did you keep it more or less the same?

No we shot a couple of inserts and that was it. We kept it unanimously the same and I needed a blurprint to go by we had one day to shoot and if we darted all around the place it wasn't going to work

-I'm curious to know as you seem to be a person that likes to delve into many projects at the same time.. What is your next project in the pipeline?

I just sold a show to Fox TV – TV Pilot which is exciting, I have some meetings around town. I have a script that I wrote that Eric Watson has signed on to direct and produce and he is the guy behind Requiem for a Dream also Protozoa with Darren Aronosfky. He(Eric Watson) is directing the script that I wrote and I just finished another TV show that we will go around town with next month and I am also getting ready to be a Dad.

-You certainly have a lot on your plate and many things to balance up, but of course the most important thing is becoming a Dad?

I think so and its going to form everything, my life as a person, as a film maker it will provide balance and it will be the best.

-I congratulate you on that and I hope that everything goes well with your wife and the birth?

I hope so too otherwise I might have to make another movie very quickly......

-Are you enjoying the festival?

Yes I am I was part of this festival 5 years ago in it's second year as an actor with a film that screened here but unfortunately that Director is no longer with us. He was an amazing director, a young kid and we had a huge connection, so I am sad that we did not get to work more together and that's how I originally heard about this festival

Thank you for your time

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