Tuesday, August 16, 2011

3 minute Interview with Maggie Franks Writer/Director 'The Board Meeting'

My name is Maggie Franks and my film is “ The Board Meeting' it's a documentary

-Are you a Director, Film maker, producer?

I am a writer and director

-Would you like to tell me a little bit more about your documentary?

The film is about two 79 year old guys with one goal on their agenda to keep surfing until they are 80.

-What inspired you to come up with this movie about surfing?

I have surfed with them for about 20 years, I have surfed most of my life I used to go and see my Dad at an Alzeimers facility in the morning and in the afternoon I had to go surfing I would take all my boys and that's when I first met them, they were in their 60's then and that's when I realised there is an alternative to growing old

-How long did it take you from concept to paper to screen?

It took us about 3 months to nail down 2 retired surfers, is not an easy task

(laughing) I agree

So I had to convince them to break away from their surfing day of course that's like pulling teeth. From there we had to work around their schedules and their naps

-When is your documentary film screening?

Monday 15th August afternoon 5pm slot. I am hoping that it being screened at 5pm it will be a happy hour and will put a smile on their faces and make them think that there is alternatives

Are you from here?

I was actually born about 6 blocks from here and now I live at the beach, native Californian

-So you are taking a contrast between the beach and the city and taking advantage of the film festival?

It's a great life!

I thank you for your time

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