Sunday, August 14, 2011

3 Minutes With: DJ Markuson, Writer/Director/Producer of Santa Preys for Xmas

DJ Markuson

Name of Film?
Santa Preys for Xmas

What was your role in this film?

Where are you from?
Originally from Buffalo, NY. But I live in LA now.

What was your inspiration?
The short is actually the first episode of my webseries at Basically I just made a bullshit YouTube video for my friends. We thought it was funny. But people really ended up liking the script and when I shot it as a short, it turned out being way more serious.

What is your film about?
A foul mouthed elf and two detectives teaming up to destroy a zombie Santa Claus, using X-mas magic.

What time does Santa Preys for Xmas premiere at HollyShorts?
Tuesday (August 16) at 10pm.

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