Monday, August 15, 2011

3 Minute Interview with Elizabeth Knowelden Actress/Filmmaker representing Phillipe Leone Director "A Fistful of Sandwich"

-Where are you from?

I am from London but I live here in Los Angeles

-Fantastic,what is your movie?

It's called 'A Fistful of Sandwich'

-When will it be premiering at the Festival?

It's Tuesday at 730pm it's in the Action slot

-Are you the Filmmaker,the actress in the movie or a combination of both?

That's a very good question,independent of this production, I am an actress and film maker and the Director Phillipe Leone he's in London, he can't be here, and I am going to be working with him very soon in some new productions so he has asked me to represent him on his behalf.

-So you are the Ambassador for the movie?

I am the Ambassador for the film, exactly

-Could you tell me what was the inspiration for the movie and what is the movie about?

Sure, well the film itself it's a tale of everyday heroism and I guess that is his real inspiration behind it, you know,the everyday man who when pushed, when tested you never know what is lurking beneath and what strength we all have in that's the inspiration

-How long will you be here in Los Angeles? Or do you live here?

I live here permanently, yes so I will be here for the whole of the Festival.

-I hope that you enjoy the rest of the Festival

Thank you every so much, likewise

Interview by Jasmina Nevada

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