Tuesday, August 16, 2011

3-minute interview with Bailey Kobe Director 'La &Prochaine & Producer/Director Commercial 'Your Shape' for the X Box system

Interview by Jasmina Nevada

La Semaine Prochaine premiered at the Festival August 15th 730pm, Commercial 'Your Shape' for the X Box system will premiere August 18th at 5pm

-If you would like to state your name and your participation in the films, and the name of your 2 films please?

I am Bailey Kobe Director “ La Semaine Prochaine' a music video that's being shown here as well as a producer and director of a commercial called Your shape for the X Box system

-That's very interesting! If you would like to tell me a little bit about your 1st and 2nd entry into the Festival?

'La Semaine Prochaine' was a music video that I did for a French icon called Marc Lavoine and it immediately never won in French speaking countries and I am so excited to show it here in Los Angeles, even though it is kind of has been distributed all over the world it really hasn't had much of an LA presence.

-So 'La Semaine Prochaine' means 'the next week'?


-Is it subtitled?

No not for the Festival, so everyone will have to learn French before the screening and if not you are uneducated....

-Where did you get the inspiration to produce 'La Semaine Prochaine'?

Working with the artist, asked me to collaborate with him find a photographer Moona Koone on a kind of one piece that he thought would be kind of emblematic of the entire album and the collaboration was just so beautiful, that Universal asked for 5 more music videos right after. We were just like Wow! this is just what we want and exactly what we are talking about when it comes to music videos that have a variation on the formula that still deliver what's impactful about the music, interpreting the music in an individual form

-Do you feel that you have achieved all your goals in interpreting and bringing what your goal was to screen?

For “La Semaine Prochaine' Absolutely, it realLy struck a chord for me emotionally because the artist wrote this album when in the same month his Father died his son was born and there was so much emotion just saturated in each line ?

-So every emotion was real in that case?

My gosh, it's overwhelming and so pleasing for me to bring this to the screen as was so deep

-Sounds wonderful of course I will be present at the screening, so now I have very high expectations..

Oh great I have raised the bar.. darn it..

-I would like to talk to you about your 2nd entry into the Festival that you mentioned? A commercial?

They saw the music video and said could you do something for us Unisoft and paired me with the Salter Brothers very experienced commercial directors, we shot very sort of top secret piece which about what was then called the project Natal which is now commercially known as X Box Connect where the controller looks at you with a 3D camera and there is no physical control that you push buttons with, it reads your body motions it was very exciting as no one had seen what it looks like before and I was literally one of the 1st to see and they brought it down and covered it and everyone signed NDA's and so was exciting to work on and the product itself is fantastic to see at E3 where they show all the video games and to see Steven Speilberg trying out the game was amazing and he commented on it

-Steven Speilberg ! That must have really tickled your bones!

Yes every one all over every one of my bones

-Its nice that you have 2 entries in the Festival and I wish you lots of luck with that

Thank you very much for your time

-You are welcome

-Are you from here?

Yes I am from Los Angeles, one of the few native sons.

-Great! one of the native sons that has done good and put 2 short movies into the Festival

Has gone International with it and brought it home....

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