Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Interview about short film 'Knight to D7' with Angelo Salvatore Restaino & Greg Wilson

Knight to D7 directed by Nathan Scoggins,
Premiered August 17th 1030pm
Angelo Salvatore Restaino- Co-writer & Actor,
Greg Wilson Co-writer & Producer
Emily Moss Wilson Producer
film also with actor Hector Elizondo

Interview by Jasmina Nevada

-Would you like to tell me a little bit about the film?

It's about 2 best friends Brady Collins and Dustin Harper. Its a single day in their friendship when Dustin comes back from a business trip to see his friend on his way stopping through. His friend lays some heavy news on him that his cancer has come back, so it becomes serious. Its two young guys.. so the last thing Dustin wants to do is talk about that kind of thing ..and tries to deflect, dodge and joke and does anything but talk about the main issue.. We set out to capture how do guys deal with serious stuff?

-As the co-writer - I am curious to know where this idea came from?

Well the other lead actor Brett Mack and I had met a couple of times for coffee and we wanted to do something that had a little more substance, than a lot of the audition stuff that we go out on. We started chatting and he told me a story about his stepdad and how he had lost him to cancer. I almost lost my Mum when I was little too, she had rheumatic fever,so we identified on loss and set the context... from there it was just writing and discovering the friendship - whats at stake,whats really on the table and some of that is inspiration and some of it is just hard work and discovery

-Just goes to show for the budding screenwriters etc... just starting out in Hollywood, that they could take a real life situation and turn it into something great...

Correct, the difference is that with film all the 'fat' is trimmed off all the dialogue is clear. As humans we say things we don't mean, we stutter,we stammer,or we don't use the best word, we repeat ourselves 'uh, umm and pause' and all those other things. In writing you have taken all of that off and given the best essence...

-What you are saying is that for a short film you have left literally in the script only 'the essence' and just left all the 'relevant' stuff in?

Correct. There are often times in other films where part of the style is more conversational, more dialogue and more real to life in the way that people talk. We had to deal with this being a short film and only having a certain budget for the short film which was 9 minutes.

The short was 9 and a half minutes long without the opening and closing credits

Have you guys enjoyed this Hollyshorts Film Festival this year?

This is our first time, I have to say the red carpet was a little un-organised we spent 2 and a half hours outside, everyone was nice though and there was a red carpet event which was fantastic. The screening went well, it played well and that made me more excited than anything else

Thank you for your time
*this interview for me showed that creativity can stem between good friends where the audition and casting may seem bland, also bringing to screen something that is true and relevant to life without the extras..note by Jasmina Nevada*

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