Saturday, May 28, 2005

Holly Print Collateral

Creative Director Liane Ojito, unveiled the new Holly Shorts Call For Entries flyer this week. You can catch us posted in various retail spots, film schools, coffee shops and music stores next week in Hollywood. If you are interested finding out more about Liane's design services, you can reach her at:

Holly Shorts Ent.

UT at Austin Hollywood Showcase at DGA

Holly Shorts would like to thank the University of Texas at Austin for allowing us to attend the 9th Annual Student Film Showcase, which took place this past week at the Directors Guild of America Theatre. We had the opportunity to see some of most creative and original work compiled by the UT students. Some of the filmmakers have had their work showcased in last week's Cannes Film Festival and Sundance. We had the opportunity to watch "Milton is a Shitbag," Directed by Courtney Davis. An animated short, which has been showcased at SXSW, is about a small orange kitty Milton, who hates your guts. "Test Day," by David Fabelo, explores the world of Anthony, a child of mixed heritage who encounters many options for his identity. "Wake," by Keun-Pyo "Root" Park, is the heartbreaking story about a 5-year old girl who spends four days in a small apartment when her mother doesn't wake up from sleeping and not understanding the concept of death. Kent Carpenter Zambrana's "Love Math," is a story based on actual events, a young man retraces the variables between his dream girl, an ex-girlfreind, a football star, an amateur pornographer, two sisters, a guy with a speech problem, and his mortal enemy. "North of Ojinaga," a 24-minute tale about tow young immigrants in search of their dreams are smuggled accross the US border from Mexico and abandoned in the unforgiving Texas Desert. The film is directed by Rommel Eclarinal. "Below The Break," by Melissa Henry Pratt. This film was seen at Slamdance and is about a young paraplegic woman, who ventures out into the singles scene in vibrant New Orleans with the help of her street-wise roomate . "The Faith of Joey Rail," Directed by Matthew Robertson is a 7 minute short about a boy and girl who leave church and head to the backwoods of East Texas to take a closer look at the big picture. "Lead Role: Father," directed by PJ Raval. A film with incredible cinematography, Lead Role is about writer and director Joseph Chu puts out an open casting call for his new film based on his family, he never expects his own father to audition for the lead role. Joseph is forced to confront his own hypocrisies and realizations. "The Toaster," Directed by Javier Bonafont, is about an impoverished old groundskeeper who discovers the secret of success.
Holly Shorts Ent.

Sith, Full Force

Heading into the Memorial Day Weekend, Paramount's "The Longest Yard," and DreamWorks' "Madagascar" will try to unseat Star Wars. Here's a rundown of the top 5 from this past week:

2. MONSTER-IN-LAW/ NEW LINE/ Comedy $19,831,373
4. CRASH LIONS GATE FILMS/ Drama $8,034,972
5. UNLEASHED/ FOCUS FEATURES/ Action $5,884,360

Need Inspiration?

The Ultimate Filmmaker's Guide To Short Films is a book we think you'll find interesting. The book is by Kim Adelman, who is based in Los Angeles has produced nineteen short films. For more information about the book, you can visit:

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Welcome to the Holly Shorts, Short Film Festival Blog. On this site, you'll find information about the inaugural event, which takes place August 13-14 at the Space Theatre in Hollywood. We accepting all genre's and the deadline for submissions is July 1. To receive the entry forms, please email us at The entry fee is $10 and you can send your short films to:
Holly Shorts Film Festival/
Co Dan Sol/Theo Dumont
3640 S. Sepulveda Blvd. #113
Los Angeles, CA 90034

On this blog, you'll also find news relating to the film industry, interviews from key players in the biz, useful tools for you to make your short, and much much more. We are pleased to announced Alex Sol, owner of the Space Theatre in Hollywood has made several substantial improvements to the theatre. We look forward to showcasing the best short films from various regions in August. For additional information, you can call the official Holly Shorts hotline at 818-760-9897.

This Week in the Biz

This past Wednesday, Harvey and Bob Weinstein announced their slate of films that they are developing with their new Weinstein Co. venture. They have finacial backing from Goldman Sach's and one of the most significant projects set to be released Spring '06 is "Grind House," two films packaged together from Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez. The famed directors will each write and direct a 60-minute horror film and will have individual trailers. The Weinsteins, also announced this week, they are taking Miramax distribution chief Mike Rudnitsky with them to their new company after September 30. According to Gregg Kilday of The Hollywood Reporter The Hollywood Reporter, here's the film slate for Weinstein Co.:

"Wolf Creek," the Australian horror film directed by Greg McLean, which the Weinsteins acquired at the Sundance Film Festival, will open Nov. 18.

"Matador," a black comedy about a hitman, co-financed by Disney, starring Pierce Brosnan and directed by Richard Shepard, will open as an exclusive release Nov. 18.

"Transamerica," a film by Duncan Tucker for which Felicity Huffman won the best actress award at the Tribeca Film Festival for playing a transsexual, will open an exclusive release Dec. 2.

Chen Kaige's epic "The Promise," a partnership between IDG New Media Fund and the Weinstein Co., will open exclusively Dec. 16.

"Mrs. Henderson Presents," another Disney co-financed project, directed by Stephen Fears and starring Judi Dench and Bob Hoskins, will open exclusively Dec. 25.

"The Gathering," a thriller from Brian Gilbert starring Christina Ricci, is set for release Jan. 6.

"Feast," director John Gulager's horror film, which was the subject of Bravo's "Project Greenlight 3," will open Jan. 20.

"Pulse," a remake of the Japanese horror film "Kairo," will be released by Dimension on March 3.

"Killshot," directed by John Madden, adapted from the Elmore Leonard novel by Hossein Amini and executive produced by Tarantino, will open March 17.

"Scary Movie 4," a Disney co-production reuniting director David Zucker and his creative team from "Scary Movie 3," will open wide from Dimension on April 14 for Easter weekend.

"Sin City 2," a sequel to the Rodriguez/Frank Miller film, another Disney co-production, will be released by Dimension in summer 2006.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Casseus Set
Holly Shorts Ent.

August 13-14, Space Theatre, Hollywood

The Inaugural Holly Shorts, Short Film Festival will take Place August 13-14 at the Space Theatre in Hollywood. The Space is located at 665 N. Heliotrope. If you have a short film you'd like to submit, it's not too late. The deadline for submissions is JULY 1, 2005. Entry fee is $10 Send submissions to:
Holly Shorts Film Festival
c/o Theo Dumont/ Dan Sol
3640 S. Sepulveda Blvd. #113
Los Angeles, CA 90034

Friday, May 20, 2005

This is a practical and inspirational guide to students and independent film-makers. It is the only book to describe and explain the whole process, from creating an original or adapted script, through producing and directing to finance and distribution. Whether you are embarking on a short film project by yourself or are planning a more ambitious, collaborative project, Making Short Films gives you the low-down on everything you need to know, including: information on new, digital technology, a range of complete scripts for award-winning shorts with commentaries by the film-makers, insider tips on making deals, renting equipment, securing funding and getting your short shown, details on the all major film festivals, and a glossary of film terms. According to Amazon readers, “this book is destined to become the "bible" for anyone who wants to make a short film.”

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Revenge of The Nerds...Oops, Sorry Sith

Star Wars HIts a record with $50 million first-day domestic gross.

Holly Shorts Ent.

American Short Film Shining At Cannes Film Festival, Short Film Category

Kit Hui's short film "Missing" is the only film from the U.S being showcased in the Short Film competition. Credits for the short include:
Terence YIN as Samuel
Jovinna CHAN as Jenn
Camy TING as Sister-in-law
David CHO as Brother-in-law

Holly Shorts Ent.


Pictured here are the filmmakers having their short films in competition for the prestigious Palm D'or at the Cannes Film Festival this week. This category is exclusively for short films. The films include: Bébé Requin, in which director Pascal-Alex Vincent develops "the idea that the teenagers of today have trouble asserting themselves as individuals," and Kitchen, an arena where director Alice Winocour pits a young woman against two live lobsters.

Other European short films competing for the Palme d'Or: Before Dawn, by the Hungarian Balint Kenyeres leads us through a long, dialogue-less single-shot sequence about illegal immigration; Podorozhni, a film by the Ukrainian Igor Strembitskyy about how "childhood never returns"; Schijn Van De Maan, a fantasy film by Belgian Peter Ghesquiere about a little boy whose family lives under the boot of a dictatorial regime; and The Man Who Met Himself by the British Ben Crowe.

The island-continent Down Under is also represented in the competition with Clara, an animated short by Australian Van Sowerwine, which gives us a peek into a little girl's brightly pastel yet disturbing inner world, and the noir comedy Nothing Special by New Zealander Helena Brooks. As for the United States, its sole contender in the race for a Palme d'Or is Missing

Holly Shorts Ent.

Shorts Competing for The Palm D'or

At the Cannes Film Fest this week, there are nine short films in selection for the Palm D'or, the prestigious winning film. Pascal-Alex Vincent's Bebe Requin is getting rave reviews. The French director's film deals with teens getting to know themselves. Another short up for the top prize is Before Dawn from Hungarian Balint Kenyeres. The film is about illegal immigration. Australian Van Sowerwine's film Clara als has a buzz down in the South of France. The film is about a young girl's distrubing inner world. The big short representing the U.S. is Missing by Kit Hui. According to Hui, below is the cynopsis:

"Samuel's girlfriend, Jenn, is missing. To search for her, Samuel follows a mysterious trail of words written on pieces of paper left by Jenn in the most unlikely places. As he uncovers the mystery of Jenn's disappearance, Samuel catches a haunting glimpse of New York City and realizes something unexpected."

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Holly Shorts had the opportunity to catch up with Russ J. Lichterman, co-founder of Insomniac Film Challenge. The competition is one of the most unique opportunities for filmmakers. You make a movie in one weekend. You have 72 hours to write, shoot, edit, and get it in the mail.
HS: How did this initiative begin and who thought of the idea?

RL: The Insomniac Film Challenge was created to give filmmakers a new outlet for creative filmmaking. There are two other big contests with similar rules, but we thought we could provide something new and different, less constraints, less paperwork, more fun. The idea was conceived by myself and Jeff Stoltzfus. We are the co-owners of Super-Nerve Entertainment, LLC, and have competed in these type of competitions in the past. We are filmmakers, first and foremost, and thats what the contest is all about, making films. We heard some complaints from other filmmakers about other contests, and we shared the opinion that there was room for improvement. We felt that we were up to the challenge, thus the Insomniac Film Challenge was born. Our philosophy is simple, make movies, have fun.

HS: How many entries have you received for this year's challenge?
RL: We are up to almost 20 entries, and with the entry deadline on May 15th, we expect several more before the deadline.

HS: Have you had any response from Hollywood on this opportunity for filmmakers?
RL: We have not heard anything from Hollywood yet, but we do have several festivals and screenings interested in showing the top 10 films. Since this is our first year presenting the contest, I suspect we'll be generating even more press after the finished films are available online and for screenings.

HS: Where do you see the challenge in five years?
RL: Our hope is for the Insomniac Film Challenge to get larger and larger, so we can provide the opportunity for as many filmmakers as possible to make a short and get there work out there. We will expand the contest as the interest continues to expand. The bigger and more popular it gets the more people will see the films, and thats what every filmmaker wants. We will present the competition every year, maybe even every 6 months as long as the interest is there.

HS: Anything else you'd like to plug?
RL: I hope any of your readers that are interested will visit and consider participating in this years contest, its going to be a blast. Feel free to contact me at with questions or comments, or visit our message boards.
Also, Super-Nerve Entertainment, LLC is in Pre-Production on our next feature length film "Victim's Song" beginning principle photography in August 2005. Visit for details. Super-Nerve Entertainment, LLC is the presenter of the Insomniac Film Challenge.

Holly Shorts Ent.

Gus Van Sant's Kurt Cobain-inspired "Last Days," has a good chance at winning the prestigious Palm D'Or at the 58th annual Cannes Film Festival. The film is in competition now and the event is taking place May 11-22. According to Rober Ebert, "the film is wonderfully photographed by Harris Savides, who captures a damp, chilly world of cold stone houses isolated in a dark, gloomy forest. Blake is first seen wandering in the woods, mumbling to himself, sliding down a hill, splashing in a stream, and sitting beside a campfire defiantly shouting “Home on the Range” into the indifferent night."

Holly Shorts Ent.

Entry Deadline July 1, 2005

Just a reminder:
This is the official Call For Entries for Entries for the inaugural HollyShorts Film Festival, which will take place at the Space Theatre, August 13-14, 2005.
All Genre's accepted. Entry fee $10. The deadline for entries is Friday, July 1. Showcase your work to industry peers! For film submission information, please email us

Call for Sponsors

It's still not too late to explore sponsorship packages for the first ever Holly Shorts, Short Film Festival. The event will reach thousands of filmmakers, directors, writers, producers and film enthusiasts in Los Angeles and beyond. Participating companies include Landmark Printing, The Bliss Art House Cafe. For sponsorship information, please contact Dan Sol or Theo Dumont at or

Bootay Success on Ifilm

"The Humpalicious Bootay Bottle," a four minute short film by Dave Branin debut on has been a tremendous success racking up over 1400 views in two weeks. According to Branin, here's the synopsis:
"Imagine if there existed a bottle that could bring all of your sexual fantasies to fruition? Provide you with the stamina of 10 men? Turn you into a goddess of the night? It's time you discovered the Humpalicous Bootay Bottle." Check out the flick at

Holly Shorts Ent.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

As the 58th annual Cannes Film Festival gets underway (May 11-22), we have our eye on the Short Film Corner. The initiative launched last year, allows participants to get together and screen some of the best short films from around the world. Its a place where folks can present films to a large international audience: broadcasters, publishers, film selectors, journalists, producers, agents looking for new talents. It's a great place to chat with decision makers. If you are there, let us know how it's going. If you wish you were there or would like to go next year, check out

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Planning the last Dream Regime Actor's Showcase. Another Showcase event is comming soon to the Space Theater in Hollywood.
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WE ARE HERE! Welcome to Holly Shorts Official Blog!
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