Thursday, September 01, 2011

Interview with Steven Galarce Actor 'The Long Journey Home'

Interview by Jasmina Nevada (via email)

-I asked Steven a range of questions: from details about the short film, his involvement with that, his preparation process, and his future projects etc..

The film "The Long Journey Home" premiered on August 18th 730pm

It takes place in a barber shop when a War Veteran walks in for a haircut, and he shares his story with the barber.
He begins to morph into different War Veterans with similar stories.

The movies idea came from true war stories.

It was shot with a Canon 7D, because of the dark mood which is easily created.

As an actor I wanted to deliver an honest performance, so I had to do plenty of research, being that I've never been in the military.

"The Mile" (an action film) was shot in Miami where I play the role of "Esteban" a crazy cool time bomb. It was wrapped up last month, and I am currently working on a pilot for a pre World Cup 2014 TV show.

"The Long Journey Home" has already shown in the L.A, Shorts Festival, and is being submitted to other festivals. This was my first time at the Holly Shorts Film Festival, and the experience will have me returning next year. 
Here is a clip from my scene in the movie "The Long Journey Home"

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