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An Interview with Alex Feldman with 3 short film entries 2011

The following films premiered at the 2011 Hollyshorts Film Festival -
“Fit to be Tied” by Alex Feldman.
“Trixie” by Dave Kebo. Alex Feldman Lead Actor
"The Ally” by Slobodan Gajic-USA put together by Alex Feldman's Company

Interview by Jasmina Nevada

We are very happy to return to the Hollyshorts Film Festival, we have been here for the past three years. We originally came here with a series called 'Floored and Lifted'

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Hollyshorts has supported us very much and we are excited to return for the 3rd year running.

-I note that you have 3 films entered into the film festival,could you give me a quick breakdown of each one?

“Fit to be Tied”
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I directed this film – It is an offbeat modern day fairytale that centers around a girl who ties people's shoelaces for a living. Its a 'coming of age story' about a young female entrepreneur who is trying to get a business going, the obstacles she faces along the way and the support that she gains from her piers in her town. We really tried to maintain a traditional storytelling point of view of fairy-tales in there...

-Where did the concept for “Fit to be Tied” come from and how long is the short?

It's 14mins long. The writer is a genius named Tim Tori with whom we have worked together on 7 or 8 different projects. The first time we worked together was a project that he wrote and I acted in 'One Believes'. Since then we have gone on to really relate to the language that he writes, the tone that he says, the themes that are important to him. We have really have discovered that I have a good ability to take his tone and translate it to a visual medium and I think that we are a strong team together. We can have him come up with very creative dialogue that I can then translate to images. We have had success with it in the past with the web series, this seemed like a logical next step to take. We also got some budget from Jordana Berliner, who funded the whole situation and she was also the lead actress in the film.

-So you were able to give something back to her in return?

Absolutely. Yes It was really a labor of love with the whole crew.

-Could you tell me about your 2nd entry into the Festival?

"Trixie" – also known as Trixies Last Case which was a 2 story of 2 detectives that are trying to solve a crime,

-This being a total opposite to the first film?

Yes, it focuses on the answer to the current 1 hour dramas the CSI's etc.. in Los Angeles. I as an actor I have been in every CSI type drama and I really wanted to be present something that builds upon that... but also creates a new avenue and an ability for a new audience to relate. So we created this scene and it was shot over one day only in my friend Keenan Henson's apartment. We made it look like a wonderful interrogation room. David Kebo who is a very creative and very capable Director,he put all that together. We shot the scene and its all about these detectives that are trying to crack a case with the help of a canine helper named Trixie. Honestly we shot this in true independent film making style over several hours and got it all done and that is a testament to what independent film makers can do in a short period of time.

-Yes, one could say that, that is the beauty of the short film to be able to put it together in a short period of time as opposed to a feature movie?


-With regards to your 3rd short film entry into the Festival?

3rd film is called "The Ally” by Slobodan Gajic-

Keenan Henson who is a close associate of mine, he is the lead actor in the film. The film is directed by Slobadan Gajic who is a very, very intelligent film maker. This is a period piece and a departure from stuff that we have done in the past.

-In my estimation you enjoy a lot of contrasts, rather than staying in one genre?

Yes, my Production Company has diversified as much as possible and this particular project is something we are trying to do that is a little different Slobadan Gajic has come on to write and direct this project. This is a period piece that takes place in Eastern Europe during World War 2 and it is a relationship between an American solider and her Eastern European child who find a way to help each other out during a very immense conflict. I think that it is a fascinating study of human behavior and I think that audiences will be very intrigued by this film so I recommend that you check out The Ally

-I certainly shall and recommend it to the wider audience...

-What are you expectations in total for the 3 films? What are you hoping that they perceive and that they get from all 3 of your short film entries into this film festival?

I have not necessarily put the pressure upon the audience to perceive something or come over with a message. I'm curious to see what their responses will be but our company is putting together a couple of different feature films at the moment. I am hoping that the different variety of films that we are presenting is going to build confidence within the audiences, that we are capable of presenting a very solid product and the features that we have coming out should reflect that.. you guys should look for a comedic feature called 'All in'

-Are you saying that you want to provide films that have that wow factor, are different and provides a curiosity as to what the company may do next – to maintain an interest, by not staying with the same genre and material....because you are presenting this in a totally different way and diversifying you are hoping that you audience will see that?

Yes absolutely, we are a group of very talented and a conglomerate of people. The best way I think that we can benefit for ourselves by creating a product for the consumer that is continiously creative and diverse productions

-Especially in today's world...

Anyone who is interested in our projects can always look us up on my personal website which is

We try to create opportunity for new film makers.

I have a brand new Acting Studio here in LA which is called the Acting Studios of Beverly Hills

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and that is something I am focusing a lot on at the moment and we welcome anyone who has a desire to get into the entertainment industry but does not necessarily know how.

Come to Acting Studios of Beverly Hills and we will hook it up

-Thank you very much for your interview about your 3 films you have provided a very detailed insight into your films and current and ongoing projects. For those just starting out artistically in acting etc I think you have given them hope and inspiration.....

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