Saturday, May 28, 2005

UT at Austin Hollywood Showcase at DGA

Holly Shorts would like to thank the University of Texas at Austin for allowing us to attend the 9th Annual Student Film Showcase, which took place this past week at the Directors Guild of America Theatre. We had the opportunity to see some of most creative and original work compiled by the UT students. Some of the filmmakers have had their work showcased in last week's Cannes Film Festival and Sundance. We had the opportunity to watch "Milton is a Shitbag," Directed by Courtney Davis. An animated short, which has been showcased at SXSW, is about a small orange kitty Milton, who hates your guts. "Test Day," by David Fabelo, explores the world of Anthony, a child of mixed heritage who encounters many options for his identity. "Wake," by Keun-Pyo "Root" Park, is the heartbreaking story about a 5-year old girl who spends four days in a small apartment when her mother doesn't wake up from sleeping and not understanding the concept of death. Kent Carpenter Zambrana's "Love Math," is a story based on actual events, a young man retraces the variables between his dream girl, an ex-girlfreind, a football star, an amateur pornographer, two sisters, a guy with a speech problem, and his mortal enemy. "North of Ojinaga," a 24-minute tale about tow young immigrants in search of their dreams are smuggled accross the US border from Mexico and abandoned in the unforgiving Texas Desert. The film is directed by Rommel Eclarinal. "Below The Break," by Melissa Henry Pratt. This film was seen at Slamdance and is about a young paraplegic woman, who ventures out into the singles scene in vibrant New Orleans with the help of her street-wise roomate . "The Faith of Joey Rail," Directed by Matthew Robertson is a 7 minute short about a boy and girl who leave church and head to the backwoods of East Texas to take a closer look at the big picture. "Lead Role: Father," directed by PJ Raval. A film with incredible cinematography, Lead Role is about writer and director Joseph Chu puts out an open casting call for his new film based on his family, he never expects his own father to audition for the lead role. Joseph is forced to confront his own hypocrisies and realizations. "The Toaster," Directed by Javier Bonafont, is about an impoverished old groundskeeper who discovers the secret of success.
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