Friday, May 20, 2005

Shorts Competing for The Palm D'or

At the Cannes Film Fest this week, there are nine short films in selection for the Palm D'or, the prestigious winning film. Pascal-Alex Vincent's Bebe Requin is getting rave reviews. The French director's film deals with teens getting to know themselves. Another short up for the top prize is Before Dawn from Hungarian Balint Kenyeres. The film is about illegal immigration. Australian Van Sowerwine's film Clara als has a buzz down in the South of France. The film is about a young girl's distrubing inner world. The big short representing the U.S. is Missing by Kit Hui. According to Hui, below is the cynopsis:

"Samuel's girlfriend, Jenn, is missing. To search for her, Samuel follows a mysterious trail of words written on pieces of paper left by Jenn in the most unlikely places. As he uncovers the mystery of Jenn's disappearance, Samuel catches a haunting glimpse of New York City and realizes something unexpected."

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