Saturday, October 15, 2005

Broken on National T.V. Program "The Screening Room"

Filmmaker Alex Ferrari (left) on the Set of "The Screening Room"

Hollyshorts would like to congratulate Alex Ferrari and the people behind the visually stimulating short film "Broken" as they've been chosen to be on the popular television program "The Screening Room with Jonathan Krane." The show, which is aired on WHDT, features three 20-minute films in high definition, followed by a Q&A with Jonathan Krane, the mega producer behind "Swordfish," "Face Off," "The
General's Daughter," "Phenomenon," "Look Who's Talking Trilogy," and "Domestic
Disturbance" to name a few. The BROKEN guys will be on Monday, Oct 17th @ 8pm on WHTV. The show will reach 10 million viewers!

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