Wednesday, July 30, 2008


El Siglo De Torreon (Mexico)

The entire world is on the verge of knowing the film talent of four young talented men.

Anwar "Duck" Safa, Rodrigo Oviedo, Federico Gutiérrez Schott and Adolfo Franco creators of the project Terregal Films, are busy with the short films that carried out in 2007 which will be exhibited in various festivals on a worldwide basis. Their hard work, combined with the dedication that they put forward with their respective works is already giving fruits to their labor. This also stands with a grand achievement for the Region of Lagunera and the state of Coahuila.
With the idea for the State to be recognized inside the National film industry and International culture, Terregal Films in conjunction with Governor Humberto Moreira, had the opportunity to write the short film Verano 79, En Pos De Dios, Vroom! Vroom! and La Gordiranfla which have had the honor to be selected to be a part of diverse festivals in the states and abroad. The tour started the fifth of this month. The films participated in the Cannes Film Festival as part of the Shorts Film Corner.
This month of July, En Pos De Dios, of Adolfo Franco, and La Gordiranfla, of "Duck" Safa, will be seen in the most important event of short films, of Latin America, and the third in the planet, Expresión en Corto (Expression in a Short) This will take place from the 18th to the 27th in San Miguel of Allende and in city of Guanajuato.
In turn Vroom! Vroom! of Federico Gutiérrez Schott, Summer 79 of Rodrigo Oviedo and La Gordiranfla will form part of the Latin American Festival that will hosted by HBO in New York City.
In the interim, from the 7th to 10th of August they will be in Hollywood, California with their films Verano 79 and La Gordiranfla participating in The HollyShorts Film Festival.
They will also be participating in The International Festival of Movies of Monterrey to be carried out in North Sultana from the 15th to 23rd of August. After a difficult selection process from more than 650 films from the five continents, En Pos De Dios and La Gordiranfla were selected to be included in DC Shorts Films in the city of Washington, the second week of September, emphasizing on very good criticisms toward the work of these four talented men.
Safa, Oviedo, Gutiérrez Schott and Franco do not plan on sleeping on their triumphs, on the contrary, they will continue to work hard so that their films continue to be highlighted in festivals of the Mexican Republic and other countries.

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