Wednesday, January 23, 2008

HollyShorts ‘07 Filmmakers Get Tribute At Psarokokalo Festival in Greece

Select members from the 2007 HollyShorts Film Festival have been chosen to have their short films screened during a special HollyShorts tribute at the upcoming 2nd Annual Psarokokalo International Short Film Festival in Athens which runs February 1-10 at the Nixon screening Hall in Greece.

The selected short films include:

Director: Rob Meyer
fiction / 17 min

Der Ostwind
Director: Kohl Glass
fiction / 10 min

Joseph Henry
Director: Phil Allocco
fiction / 12 min

Sam and Piccolo
Director: Adam Walker
animation / 15 min

Director: John Thompson
fiction / 6 min

Director: Jason Roberts
fiction / 13 min

The festival aims at presenting to the public new productions of audiovisual work that seek new approaches on matters of picture, rhythm and narration by using new and older technologies.

The program includes screenings from Greek and international filmmakers, tributes to Rumanian cinema,the cinema of the Basque Country, short films from the famous Swedish director, Roy Andersson, special projections from the Salford film festival and the Hollyshorts film festival, as well as audiovisual performances, a major art exhibition, parties and lots of networking. For more information, visit

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