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Every Second Counts at Hollyshorts Festival

By Susan King
Times Staff Writer

Think today’s movies are far too long and outstay their welcome? Believe a film is sweeter the shorter it is?

Then the Hollyshorts Film Festival, which takes place Friday through Sunday at Nacional in L.A. and Cinespace in Hollywood, is just the ticket. Though a few of the films are more than 20 minutes apiece, several are less than five minutes. The third annual festival opens with “Entourage” star Adrian Grenier’s 17-minute horror comedy “Euthanasia,” which he also wrote.

Hollyshorts received 500 submissions this year, of which 60 were selected, including films from Australia, Brazil, India, Mexico , Romania, Spain, and Singapore. Thirteen of the films are in competition in the best student short film category and were chosen from such local schools as the American Film Institute and art center College of Design.

Hollyshorts Film Festival

“Euthanasia”: 7p.m. Friday, Nacional; festival continues Saturday and Sunday at Cinespace,

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