Thursday, July 12, 2007 News

Plan B
Adrian Grenier's plot to skip the gymAdrian Grenier's short but not-so-sweet film 'Euthanasia' will be the opening night film for Hollyshorts, a short film festival celebrating it's third year in August. "Adrian Grenier is multitalented and has quickly been gaining tremendous respect as a director," said the festival's director Daniel Sol. This will be the Hollywood premiere for the coming-of-age story about two young girls who grow up fast when an afternoon joy ride turns gloomy. Grenier told Time Out recently what he liked about helming: "For me, directing is another skill to support myself if this whole acting thing doesn't work out. You also don't have to be fit and trim to be a director. Or go to the gym as much." (photo: Lester Cohen/

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