Sunday, March 13, 2005


Dear Filmmakers:

Hope everyone had a great week. The sun has finally re-surfaced. Post Oscar Hollywood is buzzing and we hope everyone is still motivated. You can download the entry forms to the 1st Annual Holly Shorts, Short Film by visiting:
We've gotten some great entries and hope to showcase the best shorts from around the world. The films can't be over 30 minutes. According to Variety, here's the breakdown of the blockbusters this week:

Weekend Estimate:
Mar. 11 - Mar. 13, 2005
in millions

1 Robots
2 The Pacifier
3 Be Cool
4 Hostage
5 Hitch
6 Million Dollar Baby
7 Diary of a Mad Black Woman
8 Constantine
9 Man of the House
10 Cursed

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